Sunday, March 28, 2010


The location-based social networking website called Foursquare has been on my radar for the past few weeks and I finally got myself to check it out. The website and mobile application allows users to connect with friends and get suggestings about restaurants and entertainment in their current locations. The website also connects with your Facebook and Twitter account to connect with friends on either of theose websites. A Phone application can be added to iPhones and now blackberry's which find your location through GPS and suggests you listings in your area that have a review written by other users.

Users of the site can also create a "To Do" list for their own use and add "Tips" to venues that other users can read, and are suggestions for things to do, see or eat at the location. I have only had my Foursquare account for a week now, so I have not completed my profile but I am excited to check in on my phone the next time I go somewhere on my "To Do" list.

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  1. I never have personally checked FourSquare out but my sister is obsessed! I kept reading her Tweets about where she was with the location attached and just thought she was doing this on her own--let alone playing a game. It's a cool application that lets you connect with friends and family on another level. Interesting post!