Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Podcast: St. Edward's 125th Anniversary


A few weeks ago Michelle, Julie and I created a Podcast for the 125th Anniversary of our school, St. Edwards University. We attended the President's meeting and learned about the 10 year strategic plan that was completed this year. We also got an exclusive interview with President George Martin who told us about the plan for the next 5 years which focuses on the globalization of our campus. Check it out and learn about what makes St. Edwards one of the top small schools in the nation. Also, to learn about the history of the school check out the website made specifically for this celebration.

show notes:

Introduction- 00:35

History of St Edwards- 00:55

Information from Presidents Meeting- 1:35

Inside Scoop into 2015/ President’s Interview- 4:10

Globalization of St. Edwards/Study Abroad programs -5:00

Last words- 7:20

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