Sunday, March 7, 2010

Get Glued

Ever wish there was an easy way to hear about and share the latest music, books and movies with your friends?, which was originally created as a browser add-on, is a social recommendation service that gathers this information from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and lets you know about the latest entertainment your friends and are talking about. The GetGlue add-on is an application which is downloaded to your browser and when visiting supporting sites such as IMDB or, a "Glue Tip" icon appears on the browser that gives you recommendations of other songs, books or movies you might like.
I just recently opened an account with Get Glue and am currently building a profile of movies and songs I like. I have yet to connect with my friends from Facebook, but I am interested to see how the website takes off and how it connects with all of my friends on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. It seems like it would be a great tool if you're constantly on the go and need to keep up with whatever your friends are raving about that week. However at the same time the tool also shows that as time goes on our amount of privacy gets smaller and smaller.

  2. Talk about being glued! I went to to learn more about what your blog was about. Man! I got glued for over an hour. I was able to like and dislike movies, television shows, musicians, & books. I earned three badges and received hundreds of suggestions. Suggestions are provided according to what you like and dislike. I had to force myself to log off. I kept getting suggestions and wanted to keep going through all of them. It is a great website if you are looking for new movies, television shows, musicians, and books to explore. I already have a list of must reads and must sees. Privacy isn't really a concern because you only share your photo (optional), you user name, and your favorite movies, etc. I think it's great, but that could be because i'm a huge movie buff!

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  4. Once again, something I had never heard about until reading your post. I checked Get Glued out and am now hooked! It is perfect for me because I am always interested in learning about new music, movies, etc. Thanks for the information!