Sunday, February 14, 2010

Venezuela Protests via Twitter

I never realized how much of an impact a networking site such as Twitter could have on a society. These sites have become a great tool for businesses to communicate with their consumers and cater their needs with an interactive relationship. It has connected the world in a unique way that allows anyone with access to the Internet a chance to share their opinion and sometimes even make a difference.
Just last week my PR professor, who has quite a bit of following on Twitter, was able to solve her dilemma of receiving an iPhone by Tweeting her frustrations with AT&T and customer service representatives. She told us that after a bit of research on Twitter she finally got the attention of an AT&T representative who was able to help her unlike anyone she had spoken to on the phone. Now that’s what I call customer service!
Twitter has not only created a new way of communication with with the viral world, but has also given a voice to citizens of oppressed societies such as Venezuela. Recently, Twitter has caused a buzz in the Venezuelan government as the people have been publicly protesting threats to journalism and freedom of expression. The hashtag #freevenezuela has become one of the most popular Twitter topics and has quickly caught the attention of the government. People have been tweeting about their hopes for a change in the government and the resignation of the President. This network has allowed Venezuelans to attract attention from the media and outside world that has not been possible due to their long lasting oppression.
Hugo Chavez plans to regulate the Internet and has even suggested that Twitter could be considered a terrorist threat. This social networking service has given Venezuelans a chance to protest freely

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