Sunday, February 21, 2010


Reality star Kim Kardashian has really showed the world how to turn bad press into good business. She has turned her name into a brand and now with the new production of 'The Spindustry' on E!, she gives the public a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes of the media. The main focus is Jonathan Cheban and his Public Relations firm called Command PR. In the first episode which aired tonight at 9pm on E!, the firm was challenged to host an event for the launch of a "luxury lollipop" in just 24 hours. They first had to convince Mel B, aka. Scary Spice, to be the international face of the new lollipop. Then the team of interns were told to find a venue in L.A. in less than a day. Seemingly impossible, no? Well with the help of a few connections, the ladies were able to find a venue and write a press release announcing the event.

Now I'm not saying that sitting home and watching this show is going to give me any insight to the future of my career, but I do think it pretty accurately documents the life of a PR intern.
The firm has three interns, two new and one which has been with Command PR for a year. Right when the show started, one of the new interns hands Joathan Cheban, the creator and owner, a sandwich that is immediately thrown on the ground in disbelief. Cheban then starts yelling at the intern, appalled that this was the second time he has received a sub with mustard on it. THE AUDACITY!... I thought this industry would be harsh, and this show confirms my predictions. Maybe by watching the show I can warm up to it before hitting the city Probably not.

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